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Palagruza expedition (Funk Amateur, X/2017)

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Finally, magazine Funk Amateur (10/2017) published article (by Manfred, DD0NM) about expedition on Palagruža island, which took place in late of May 2016. The expedition was made up of 3 members of Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna: Franjo (9A2MF), Mladen (9A2NA), Emir (9A6AA) and theirs friends from Germany:  Heinz (DC5WW), Sasha (DH6TJ), Robert (DK5RO), Anton (DL8AW), Thilo (DL9NBJ) and Manfred (DD0NM).
Article you can read below (in German language).

If you like to see video, look at here.

Good to know:

Palagruža (pronounced [palǎɡruːʒa]; from Ancient Greek Pelagousae Πελαγούσαι from pèlagos, sea, Italian: Pelagosa) is a small, remote Croatian archipelago in the middle of the Adriatic Sea.

It consists of one larger island, called Vela or Velika (‘Great’) Palagruža, and a smaller one, Mala (‘Little’) Palagruža, as well as a dozen nearby rocks and reefs composed of dolomite. All the main islets are in the form of steep ridges.

The place is some 123 km (76 mi) south of Split, Croatia, and 53 km (33 mi) east of the Gargano peninsula, Italy. It is visible from land only from other remote islands of Italy and Croatia. Palagruža is further south than the mainland peninsula of Prevlaka, making it the southernmost point of the Republic of Croatia. It is uninhabited, except by lighthouse staff and occasional summer tourists. It can be reached only by a chartered motor-boat, requiring a journey of two to three hours from the island of Korčula. (source: Wikipedia)

Author: 9A6AA

Amateur Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna

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