Amateur Radio Club „Croatian Flora Fauna“ 9A1WFF

9A3DPL & 9A2GA @ 9AFF-0018 (Nature park Velebit)…

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… also SOTA 9A/GH-046.

The second attempt was successful! Today (Oct. 17), Paolo (9A3DPL, son) and Boris (9A2GA, father) have activated Nature park Velebit, 9AFF-0018, with accent on SOTA summit 9A/GH-046, named Veliki Sadikovac, 1286m asl, located on the south part of Velebit mountain.
Boris: “Wonderful weather but bad propagation on 40 meters, in total 41 QSO 9A2GA/p and 10 QSO by 9A3DPL/p (with 5 W and wire), including few S2S (summit to summit) contacts. Thanks to all for contacts, especially to those who had the patience, during a strong QSB, to complete the connect with us. We did not meet bears or wolves, or snakes …”

More about Nature park Velebit.

Author: 9A6AA

Amateur Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna

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