Amateur Radio Club „Croatian Flora Fauna“ 9A1WFF

Z68AA & Z68RBJ @ Z6FF-0002 (Rep. of Kosovo)


After Raf, Z61KR, who operated from Z6FF-0001 few days ago, three members of Radio Club HFF are ready to go to Kosovo to be active (HC/p) from Z6FF-0002National park „Bjeshkët e Nemuna” and outside of that area (Z68AA & Z68RBJ). They will be on the air on Monday, 14, 2018, late afternoon. Look for them on all HF bands CW, SSB and DIGI modes, but with low power (not more than 100W) with dipoles, inverted V and vertical antennas. Wire (not America) first!
The QSL cards have just been printed.
Logs will be on Clubs Log (on a daily basis) and LOTW (few days after activities).

There are a few pictures taken during preparing and testing of HF antennas… (Thanks to 9A2SC and 9A2HW for their help…)

Author: 9A6AA

Amateur Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna

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