Amateur Radio Club „Croatian Flora Fauna“ 9A1WFF

SOTA Actiavtion 9A/ZH-002 Sljeme (9AFF-0013) by Keiichi 9A/OH6UCW/P

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During the morning of 19/04/2021 I saw on sotawatch that OM Keiichi OH6UCW (and JF8LPB) is trying to activate SOTA reference Sljeme 9A/ZH-002.

OM Keiichi OH6UCW before the departure to SOTA Sljeme
(view from Zagreb center)

The weather wasn’t nice on Monday morning. Sljeme summit was in the clouds.

I wasn’t sure if his activation was successful or not, so I contacted him by e-mail.

His first attempt in the morning wasn’t successful so I gave him some tips and invited him to try again if he will have time during the afternoon.

OM Keiichi is in Zagreb with Toyota racing team participating in WRC Rally Croatia 2021. So first work, than hobby!

During the afternoon he found some free time and activated SOTA Sljeme with success making contacts on 2m FM band with hamradio station from 9A and S5.

SOTA summit Sljeme 9A/ZH-002
(photo by Keiichi OH6UCW)

After the activation OM Keiichi sent short e-mail:

“I returned to hotel and back to work safely.
Finally I made 7QSOs on summit with your big support.
Thank you so much.The summit was close to 0 degrees and rain with snow. And much mud, so difficult to move.
It was really more than expected.
I am really happy.
73 de Keiichi Kondo OH6UCW and JF8LPB”


73 OM Keiichi and good luck to Your Toyota racing team (@ WRC Rally Croatia 2021)

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