Amateur Radio Club „Croatian Flora Fauna“ 9A1WFF

9A10FF from Lastovo Island 9AFF-0011

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Members of Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna (9A1MB, 9A3DF, 9A3ST) and club supporters (9A3DX, 9A4NA,9A4WY) were active from the island of Lastovo (EU-016, CI-051, LH-0815, ARLHS-148, 9AFF-0011) from June 17-24, 2021 using the special Anniversary club callsign 9A10FF.

Several operators also activated some islands close to Lastovo island, with their home calls /P.
Activated islandS: IOCA CI-040, CI-092 , CI-226 , CI-453 and CI-953

In total there were made over 3200 QSO with tha callsign 9A10FF plus over 1000 QSO with personal callsigns.

Some statistics of 9A10FF QSO’s:

Some photos:

All 9A10FF contacts will be uploaded to 9AFF server and LotW.
Paper QSL via 9A2MF.

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