Amateur Radio Club „Croatian Flora Fauna“ 9A1WFF

Annual 2021 Flora Fauna Award Winners

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In promoting Croatian Flora Fauna, through ham radio participation by activators & hunters, the Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna has during the year 2021, in collaboration with Croatian Water Authority Hrvatske vode, established a CROATIAN FLORA and FAUNA On The Air project. An annual 2021 9AFF Award will be issued to the most successful FF activators and hunters during one calendar year, in their two respective categories. Special merits shall be credited to activation of, or contact with so-called water area, a spot predominantly attributed as ‘waters’, duly highlighted. Winners for the year 2021:

The list of the annual hunters 2021 is available here
The list of the annual activaters 2021 is available here.

How you can get your 9AFF 2021 Annual Award?

Simply visit, fill out the activators and hunters form and download your award free of charge.

See you on the air during 2022!

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