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Geoparks Communication Weekend 2015

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Na poziv uprave Parka prirode Papuk (u čijoj nadležnosti je i Geopark Papuk) članovi RK HFF i ove godine (23./24. svibnja 2015.) tradicionalno će sudjelovati u obilježavanju Geopark Communication Weekend-a. Raditi će pod oznakom 9A1GEO. Članovi expedicije su Anica, 9A7SSY, Franjo, 9A2MF, Rado, 9A2SC, Daki, 9A2WJ, Vito, 9A3GSV, i Emir, 9A6AA. Tri člana (9A2WJ, 9A2SC i 9A3GSV) planiraju prvi dan (23. svibnja), raditi iz Posebnog rezervata šumske vegetacije Sekulinačke planine, 9AFF-093, kao 9A1GEO/p.

Using a special event call sign 9A1GEO, seven members of Radio Club ‘Croatian Flora Fauna’ will be active during Geoparks Communication Weekend in order to bring awareness and importance of Croatia’s first proclaimed beautiful Geopark “Papuk”, (Nature park Papuk, 9AFF-014). The main transmitting freqs to be used are 7.144, 14.144 and 21.244 MHz (SSB). Look for 9A1GEO on the main freqs but also on other bands on SSB, CW and PSK31, on May 23/24, 2015. The first day, May 23rd, three operators (under 9A1GEO/p), with help of ranger of the Nature Park, few hours will operate from Special forest reserve Sekulinačke Mountains (9AFF-093), situated in the middle of Geopark Papuk.

There will be other Geopark stations on the air during the Geoparks Communication Weekend: DK0GEO (Germany), EI2GEO (S. Ireland), GB2GEO (Scotland), GB5GEO (Wales), GB6GEO (England), and SZ8LSV (Greece).


Author: 9A6AA

Amateur Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna

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