Amateur Radio Club „Croatian Flora Fauna“ 9A1WFF

Anniversary (2011-2021) 9A10FF Award

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Make 10 contacts with 9A10FF special station during the year 2021.
One contact per day on the same mode/band allowed (for example one contact during the day on 40m CW and one contact during the same day on 40m SSB counts as two contacts, … do not repeat the contacts on the same band and mode on the same day)
All modes and bands allowed (only contacts via terrestrial reapeters will not count for the award)
To search for current logged contacts with 9A10FF and to download the award, follow the link:

Franjo 9A2MF
9A10FF Award manager

First award won by Mato 9A3SM:

One thought on “Anniversary (2011-2021) 9A10FF Award

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